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K 135-511B K 135-511B K 135-511B
What makes our watches superior:
Swiss movement All watches KLEYNOD only original Swiss movements ETA / Valanvron (Swiss Made) and quartz movements Ronda (Swiss Made). Through the use of original Swiss movements, watches KLEYNOD are really long.
Possibility of engraving Please apply with possibility engraving to representative in the country of purchase watch.
High quality In the manufacture of watch cases KLEYNOD uses only stainless steel, gold-plated genuine Swiss movements with jewels, strap high quality of leather. Every couple of hours carefully going hands of highly skilled craftsmen that can further ensure the high quality.
Authentic design Ukrainian Collection watches KLEYNOD combines the current trends of fashion and the world watch the special Ukrainian style. All watches KLEYNOD - is the result of our own unique designs of designers and craftsmen Kiev Watch Factory.
3 year warranty Warranty period for all hours extended to 36 months. Manufacturer hours TM KLEYNOD - Kiev Watch Factory, guarantees customers high-quality and affordable service. In Kiev the main service center, which can be carried guarantee repair of any complexity. Organized network guarantee workshops in regional centers and large cities, where the service support hours KLEYNOD.
The first in Ukraine KLEYNOD - this is the first Ukrainian trademark wristwatches, which began to make Kiev Watch Factory in 2002. A unique value for money allow Ukrainian brands compete with international manufacturers of hours. Philosophy TM "KLEYNOD" - is the production of watches, which successfully compete with Western brands and at the same time due to its authentic design close to every Ukrainian.

K 135-511B

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